Jul. 3rd, 2014

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 So is putting together a fanfiction soundtrack mix for a fic you haven't finished and working on it until two in the morning. These are all great decisions and I am proud of myself for making them. But if I don't get these words out know I'll be in bed until who knows when turning them over and over in my head.

Camo Nanowrimo is once again well on its way for this month of July. I set up my project, held over from April, Care A Lot High, filled out my cabin preferences, and set up my word goal which I set as about double what I had written last April. Since the two, three-ish days since Camp started I have written exactly 0 words.

My reason for this is that I planned for myself to edit Care A Lot High as a good portion of the story was not quite up to the standards I have self-imposed on myself. Except for a few small tense changes here and there I have not done much.

I have two excuses for this: W2K and Depression Fog

W2K (a pun on the millennial phenomenon of Y2k) is the event of about a month ago where I wrote 2000 words (2000 pretty good words from my perspective) that took up most of the day and through a mishap of my own falterings managed to lose those same 2000 words. As one might expect this was a really big setback that resulted in me losing much of my enthusiasm for the story at the time. I have not quite one hundred percent recovered all that enthusiasm.

Depression Fog is self-explanatory but I will add that this started a short time before I graduated from high school. The fog only grew thicker since the W2K incident. Over time, the fog has cleared somewhat and the rest I'll have to slowly fight my way through.

As of this time, it's hard to tell when I'll feel better enough to give my full attention to CALHigh. I have a few other fics I also want to work on so I think maybe put most of my focus on them while leaving CALHigh as a thing to work on as a time filler.

It's been about 19 minutes since starting this post and my eyes are burning for some much needed sleep. I need to carve out some time to read my library books and write some stuff that doesn't completely stress me out.

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