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I'm angry.
Really, really angry.

There's this boy I sit next to in math class. He is very annoying. And to my most very unfortunate ness, he has a crush on me. And apparently, he has a crush on just about every other freaking girl in the whole classroom. Or, just the pretty ones, I don't know yet. But that simple fact is not why I'm angry. Today, at least.

Though the fact that he told me he's falling in love with me in a tiny little note that I threw in the trash (because I'm pretty sure I'm heartless) after two days of sitting next to me still infuriates me very much.

No. The reason I am angry is because he rigged my freaking math score.

He marked a question that I got completely wrong as right. And I know it was not a simple mistake because he asked the teacher about that question. This is not cool at all to me. And it freaks me out that I may have gotten an even different score then what this boy put on my paper. But I marked myself down one point so my score was closer to the truth.

If I'm going to get an almost 100 percent on something, I want to get it because I deserve it. Not because some freak of nature finds me "kind of cute" or whatever.


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