Nov. 24th, 2013

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 The answer is: Probably. It'd be nice to have someplace to collect my thoughts since tumblr doesn't provide me with much room for text talk. Let's start by talking about what I've been up to.

The Fannish Stuff

Last month, I started posting gifs of Ice Age to at least a little fanfare. I gif for fun, not notoriety but I admit it's nice when my work gets recognize. There's a very small amount of Ice Age fanpersons on there but most rebloggers have been the casual sort. I wish there were more people to talk about these films with because it really is the franchise of my heart. Small fandoms are fun but lack of communication can bring me down a bit.

Yesterday, I finished watching/reading a walkthrough of the first Hyperdimension Neptunia video game. I also started watching a walkthrough for the second game mk2. I can see why most people would prefer the sequels. The graphics look better (though still wonky for an independent game company), the storyline seems nice, and it looks like the gameplay has been vastly improved. It would seem the anime has taken more inspiration from the sequels than the first which I'm quite glad for. The first game reminds me a bit of the first few eps of the anime: no substance.
I'd love to play these games for myself but alas, I do not have a Playstation console nor have I reached that level of piracy yet. Though it's probably only a matter of time. It started with songs, continued to TV shows, and slowly drifted to movies (though I've scaled back on that things to a little scare this summer) so I assume it would only be a matter of time before downloading games becomes a thing for me. It's a like a gateway drug!

Of my returning shows, Arrow, Revenge, and Once Upon A Time have been great. My enjoyment of Supernatural seems to be fluctuating on a week by week basis. I'm in this more for characters not named Sam and Dean to be honest. I'm especially in love with Abbadon, whose had my heart since her first appearance and has somewhat helped ease the loss from original Demon of my Heart Meg.

Yesterday, I also caught up on Strike the Blood. I'm kinda conflicted on this show. I feel like there's something in my head that's blocking me from fully embracing the show. It is my first experience with ecchi elements so that might be it? But i think the two leads may also have something to do with that. I'll continue watching until it gets too much for me but until then I'll be fully enjoying any screen time with this character specifically.

Well, let's move on to:

Real World Stuff

It's almost halfway through my Senior Year and I fear I'm not quite succeeding as I should be. I haven't even started the paperwork for my Senior Project and I can't stop myself from procrastinating on everything. I feel like I'm watching myself drown and can't do anything about it. Hmm, I wish I was in a better mindset because the only thing really holding myself back is me.

For a bit of TMI: I started my period today and it hurts like hell. Also, I'm hungry as fuck but it hurts too much to move. Well, at least I didn't have to wait 77 days between cycles this time. Though of course, it would come around before Thanksgiving because stuff like this only happens to me before important dates. Well, at least the pain should be gone by them, hopefully.

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 Places I will be when not on Dreamwidth

My Tumblr: I make gifs, usually of more obscure kind of stuff but I sometimes gif for my currently airing fandoms. A bit of real life talk slips in here but it's usually brief.

Goodreads: Sometimes a review pops up but I mostly just use this to keep track of what I'm reading. Might not use it as much after I move to:

BookLikes: I'm already planning for this to be a New Years Resolution. I figure a new year would be the best way to handle this and would give me a fresh start on the books front.

MyAnimelist: Meh, should hopefully be self-explanatory.

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