Nov. 27th, 2011 08:23 pm
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Why does school have to exist? I wish I could just say, "Hey, thanks for teaching me how to read," and then just bolt.

I have had four nice, calm, and laidback days of doing nothing but the things that bring me joy. I revived my Scooby Doo tumblr, I watched a new anime, and I've worked on my long neglected NaNoWriMo novel. Now, here comes school to take that away and replace it with boring and a lot of anxiety problems I would much rather avoid. Plus, money is tough these days and I barely have enough to make it through lunch.

I wish I had a different mindset.


Jan. 29th, 2011 01:59 pm
dm21: (snoopy sheep)
I can't write with blank spaces on my paper.

Well, okay.

I'm cutting myself off big time.

Yesterday I deleted my formspring and twitter accounts. The formspring was no problem but the twitter was a little harder to see it go. Besides, you have to go through confirmation three times and there's a freaking crying bird before you can officaly delete the thing. Like, just let me leave in peace.

I'm so restless.

Also yesterday, I did a massive unfollow on tumblr. I went from like 92 to 15. It was hard to follow some people especially since so many of them whine their asses off about the people who unfollow them. But you just gotta fuck that, you know? So, I get through my dashboard much faster now. I'm sticking to 15 only. If I want to find stuff, I guess I'll just search for it.

I watched the second episode of Skins USA. I really like the show and I ignore the crap peeople throw at it. Honestly, these are two different shows in different countries on a different channel for a different kind ofviewership. And if people don't like that, they'll have to get over it.
The second episode is better than the first but the first episode is more of an establishing thing. I watch the show online but sometimes the mtv video viewer is in crappy quaility so it gets downloaded some times.

different, different, different,

I watched Black Swan yesterday. It was hot.
I also watched Gone With the Wind. I love the book better but that movie stands great on its own.

I made a to do list and I actually crossed off a lit of stuff.

I am so tired.

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