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So, today is my last day of summer vacation. After today I will officially have become a high school freshman. To celebrate, both the end and the beginning, I'm compiling this post full of everything I've been collecting these past few days.
Warning: Post is very image heavy. Click at your own risk. )

You are free to take icons as long as you credit and don't hotlink.
Both screencaps along with most of the colourings and banners have also been posted on either my personal
Tumblr or my Bridgit Mendler based one.
Other videos can be found at my YouTube. The video should take you there.
All photos imported from my Photobucket

And there goes the last post of summer. Tomorrow, I'll give you the deets on my first day of high school

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Oh, how nice of you to ask. I have been up all of Saturday night and all of Sunday day. And what was I doing that was so important that I didn't go to sleep (nor even feel tired?) until 11 o clock pm on Sunday? Why, I'll tell you.

The reason for my lack of sleep is because I was watching . . .
wait for it . . .

Sonny With a Chance on Youtube.

I know, I am so ashamed. (pfft, not really.)

I watched all of season one and all released episodes of season two. I didn't stop once for a break of anything else. I just went right from episode to episode.

How did this start? I barely even know myself. Why even get into a TV show now of all times when it's halfway to its second season. I don't usually do that stuff unless the show is really old and doesn't air new episodes (like that 70s show or George Lopez). I can only give one real answer. A single pairing (Sonny Munroe and Chad Dylan Cooper) drew me in.

Something that you might know I do a lot is that I sometimes ship pairings of TV Shows that I've never watched once. Sometimes its a cause and effect of someone I know obsessing with a pairing and I just catch wind of the excitement. In most cases I still don't end up watching the show. I just stick to pictures and videos and the what not. But for some stupid reason it was different.

It all started with the promo for an episode where Sonny and Chad start dating for real. I didn't watch it but now I have; an episode of which I have now watched five times and still can't stop squeeing over. I thought it would just end there. Then, two weeks ago I'd say, someone posted an episode in the [ profile] demi_selena  which piqued my interest. I watched it the next week. Apparently this still wasn't enough.

Saturday, sometime after my mom had gone to sleep, came to me the crazy idea to watch from episode one. I surprised myself by laughing out loud, squeeling over the cute Channy moments, and talking to the characters over the screen whenever they act stupid.

This is something I can easily see becoming an obsession. The only other show I've gotten this invested into is Scooby Doo. I've even added Sonny With A Chance to my tracked tags on Tumblr. I'm into the Sonny and Chad pairing more than I have had in any other.

Coincidentally, this comes on the heels of me getting back into Wizards of Waverly Place. Crazy, isn't it. I think I'm starting to like Disney better than Nickelodeon. I haven't even watched a new episode of any Nickelodeon show in months.


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