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 Wasn't I going to use this account more? Eh, anyway, here's what I'm watching this fall.


Bob's Burgers @ 7:30

It took me a while to hop on the bandwagon of this show but thanks to Adult Swim reruns I am here for the ride. Now that Fox has broken up the animation domination line-up and shuttled American Dad off to TBS, it's the only FOX cartoon I have left to watch. Oh, Family Guy, the bridges you have burned.

Once Upon A Time VS Madame Secretary @ 8

Oh, Once how I wish I could quit you. And I tried. I did try. I was ready to ragequit, throw in the towel, etc. Alas, the only way I think I can ever be free of this show is if it a.) gets cancelled or b.) Lana Parilla leaves the show forever. I don't think any of those will come soon so I guess I'm stuck here.

Madame Secretary premieres tomorrow and I'm going to check it out. I appreciate that they aren't hiding how Hilary-inspired the show is. I mean, Tea Leoni even kinda looks like Hilary, lol. CBS isn't always on top of things when it comes to online streaming so time will tell if I'll be able to keep up with it.

Mulaney @ 9:30

I'll confess that before this show I had no idea who John Mulaney was. I still don't really have an idea but I do know now that he's a stand up comedian and a former SNL writer. The show does seem to invite Seinfeld comparisons which is a tall order to fill but I'd like to give it a chance. And it also stars Martin Short who I love so much thanks to The Cat in the Hat (people looking to cast a new Cat in the Hat movie I beg you to not look too far) so maybe it'll be worth it.

Revenge @ 10

I've committed to ride and die for Revenge until the very end. Last year's cliffhanger was a big game changer and I'm interested to see where we go from here. Having Madeleine Stowe as a narrator is gonna take some getting used to though.


Gotham @ 8

A Batman TV show without Batman is apparently the TV Show I have been waiting for. Okay, so I guess Batman is sorta there in the shadows, lurking in the dark but he's like a wee baby Bruce Wayne so it doesn't really count.

Sleepy Hollow VS American Dad! @ 9

The premieres of SH and AD! are a month inbetween so it's not a problem now but come the 20th of October I will be off to TBS for the new "edgier" American Dad!, as they're calling it. I wasn't able to quite absorb myself in Sleepy Hollow as much as I'd like so I don't think I'll be missing it that much from my schedule. However, it's definitely a show I'll have to set aside for a marathon at some point.

The Blacklist @ 10

I kind of lost track sometime after the first half of the season because of my then sleeping schedule. I desperately need a catch up marathon which I hope to do soon but I probably won't be able to watch in real time for a while.


Selfie VS Flash @ 8

Why does ABC do this to me? This is the second time they've set up an Emily Kapnek show (Rest in Peace, Suburgatory) against a DC comic book property. Unfortunately, I must make a choice and that choice is for The Flash. Which means, yet again, I will be getting my Kapnek fix through Hulu.

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. @ 9 (and that's the last time I'm typing out Shield like that)

It's not the strongest show but I was entertained throughout and I think there's a lot of room for improvement here. Also, I ship May/Coulson soooo I'm kinda interested to see if that goes anywhere. Shallow reason is shallow.


Arrow @ 8

The show return I'm most excited for. I'm mostly looking forward to Laurel Lance Action Girl, Daddy Diggle, and Team Arrow shenanigans.

South Park @ 10

Is there really anything left to say about South Park by this point?


A to Z @ 9:30

I'm a sucker for a good romantic comedy which this seems to be in the vein of.

How to Get Away With Murder @ 10

I'm pretty much going in blind with this show. All I know is that Viola Davis plays a professor of law, murder is involved because duh, and Dean Thomas has left Hogwarts to study Muggle law. So this should be interesting.


Cristela @ 8

Female led comedy starring a Mexican American cast? I'm there.

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