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So much TV on Wednesday. Seriously, this is my television schedule all week.

Switched at Birth @ 6
Harpers Island @ 7 (finishes next week)

The Looney Tunes Show @ 8 or 5 (whatever's convenient.)

Melissa and Joey @ 5
State of Georgia @ 5:30
Franklin and Bash @ 6
Hot in Cleveland @ 7
Happily Divorced @ 7:30

Dragonball Z Kai @ 5 (For my mom, not me)

The Soup @ 7
Fashion Police @ 7:30

Notice something interesting on Wednesday? Yes, five freakin' tv shows. Everything else only has one or two but Wednesday's? *sigh* It's my fault for liking things too easily. But I didn't make this post to complain. I am making this post to obsess. Let's take this one day at a time.

OMG, let's talk about it! )
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So I just deleted my old livejournal account [info]devinmichelle21 . Now I feel like I can officially start over from scratch. I started a new livejournal because one day I was looking through the old LJ posts everything was unorganized. And just because my room is a mess that doesn't mean I don't like to keep some things neat. Instead of tagging every single post (i'm not very good at those types of things) I'm just tagging any kind of stuff that has resemblance to fanfic, or when I know I'm going to have more posts in the similar vein. Take this for example.

I watched an episode of Sonny With A Chance yesterday. It's a new one where Sonny poses as her childhood hero for a day. I am seriously in love with the Sonny and Chad pairing. Oh, well honestly I was in love with that pairing before I even started watching the show.

I find myself doing that a lot. There's a show that I've never watched and probably don't even plan on watching and just from previews (or constant show-offy-ness from Tumblr) I end up magically shipping those two characters. Amazing. I can even watch fan videos and still not even know what the show's supposed to be about. I believe I've also done this with Nick&Macy from Jonas and the Eleventh Doctor&Amy from Doctor Who. And do I watch any of those shows? No. Oddly enough, the fuel fro me liking both these two pairings came from the tumbling of

Weird, I know.

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