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 So is putting together a fanfiction soundtrack mix for a fic you haven't finished and working on it until two in the morning. These are all great decisions and I am proud of myself for making them. But if I don't get these words out know I'll be in bed until who knows when turning them over and over in my head.

Camo Nanowrimo is once again well on its way for this month of July. I set up my project, held over from April, Care A Lot High, filled out my cabin preferences, and set up my word goal which I set as about double what I had written last April. Since the two, three-ish days since Camp started I have written exactly 0 words.

My reason for this is that I planned for myself to edit Care A Lot High as a good portion of the story was not quite up to the standards I have self-imposed on myself. Except for a few small tense changes here and there I have not done much.

I have two excuses for this: W2K and Depression Fog

W2K (a pun on the millennial phenomenon of Y2k) is the event of about a month ago where I wrote 2000 words (2000 pretty good words from my perspective) that took up most of the day and through a mishap of my own falterings managed to lose those same 2000 words. As one might expect this was a really big setback that resulted in me losing much of my enthusiasm for the story at the time. I have not quite one hundred percent recovered all that enthusiasm.

Depression Fog is self-explanatory but I will add that this started a short time before I graduated from high school. The fog only grew thicker since the W2K incident. Over time, the fog has cleared somewhat and the rest I'll have to slowly fight my way through.

As of this time, it's hard to tell when I'll feel better enough to give my full attention to CALHigh. I have a few other fics I also want to work on so I think maybe put most of my focus on them while leaving CALHigh as a thing to work on as a time filler.

It's been about 19 minutes since starting this post and my eyes are burning for some much needed sleep. I need to carve out some time to read my library books and write some stuff that doesn't completely stress me out.

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Title: Dry Roses
Fandom: The Clique
Rating: General audiences
Pairing: Alicia&Derrick
Summary: Alicia considers reconciling with Derrick after he cheats on her.
Note: Previously posted to my fanfiction account. Inspired by the Allison Iraheta song Just Like You.


I can be cruel just like you . . . )


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Ok, so my fanfiction account is officially dunzo. And by dunzo I mean I won't be using it anymore. And by not using it anymore I mean . . . i made a new one

Okay, so for the new year I want to try this thing called starting over. In a lot of ways, not just this one. I'm sorta starting to branch out into other things. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to be writing for the clique until the day I finally get bored of writing for it which at this rate might be never. Who knows? And to branch out I think it would help to change things up big time.

I've still been writing stuff so things won't be posted there for a while. In the meantime, I plan on archiving a couple stories from my original account onto this journal here. So, my apologies if it seems like I'm spamming your f-lists.

Here's what I've been working on fanfic wise.

Untitled (Clique): The pairings are Kristen&Plovert, Claire&Plovert, Kristen&Derrick. So, there's a little bit of triangle-y stuff sprinkled with a couple other minor pairings. It's mainly about Kristen and Plovert's relationship and them being together for a long time and then drifting apart. Obviously it's rather AU and they're in high school. I posted a screencap of it on tumblr so you can look at it a bit there.

Boyfriend (Clique): It's a Massie&Landon with Massie&Derrick plus Dylan&Derrick. Yeah, its another sort of love triangle thing but it's a little bit different. Massie and Landon are together but Landon is going to college. During this time Massie's ex boyfriend Derrick goes after her but Derrick is in a relationship with Dylan who knows that Derrick regularly cheats on her but pretends she has no clue. It's plot is a wee bit complicated and confusing to me. Title is definitely subjected to change

Mash (Scooby Doo): Yeah, I never really thought I'd write a Scooby Doo fanfiction. Then again, I don't think I ever really saw myself writing fanfic at all. But I just had this idea and it just planted itself in my brain and wouldn't let go. So, I started writing it out one day and I kind of like it. It has basic whatever-you-can-call-canon pairings and a little not.

Untitled Penguin Prequel (The Penguins of Madagascar): I've had this idea stuck in my head since forever and I think its time to write it out. It's about the penguins in a sort of spy training facility but they don't like each other. Unfortunately, they get grouped together for this mission thing-y and then they have to put their differences together and work together. No pairings.

That's pretty much it. I'm also working on these while writing my two original fictions. Yes, that's quite a lot added together but I kind of like feeling swamped. But at the same time I don't feel like that because I kinda really like it.

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