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I've been waiting for this day all year. The second prequel film in the live action Scooby-Doo films series has finally aired on Cartoon Network. Unlike all the other high school teenagers dancing at the lame ass Homecoming, I chose to stay in and watch my Scooby Doo. I was actually able to catch it two times. Once on CNe and again on CNw. It's just as great on the second watch.

In this movie, the gang gets summer jobs at a country club owned by Daphne's uncle. And, because this is Scooby Doo and they can't seem to catch a vacation, there's a a mystery they have to solve.

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I think I've gotten just about everything out as I can. Right now, its still before 11 pm. I might catch up on watching Melissa and Joey or one of those twenty Sabrina episodes I downloaded today.

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Suddenly, I've been saving a lot of photos to my computer and playing with them on photoshop. At the moment I have a fair amount of Selena and Demi. I've combining these with icons I had posted a while back when I was on my [ profile] devinmichelle21 account. I felt like reposting them so apologies if any of these might seem familiar.


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Icons are free to take as long as you credit or comment and don't hotlink.
All icons are imported from my computer.
Randoms are classified as any Person//Cartoon//Subject that I have 3 or less icons of.


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I wanted a picture up here and this is just adorable.

  • Why do my mother and grandmother feel the need to pass on every word from my mouth to other people? This is why I just don't tell anyone anything. Nothing I say is said and done. I say something and suddenly everyone in my family has to know about it? No, I don't think that's fair. Just let me speak words and let them disappear into thin air.
  • I can hear Fair sounds from where my house is. We (mom and I) are going to the fair this weekend. No rides, I can't stand amusement rides of any kind. I prefer to walk around and watch everyone else have the fun. Give me an Elephant Ear, a Dr. Pepper or Sprite, and an ice cream cone and I'm pretty much all set. I have much more fun doing that my way.
  • I haven't been on the computer in days. The charger for our laptop somehow tore a little rip in it and rendered the whole thing practically useless. So we had to wait 4 days for the charger to get shipped in from wherever the hell the damn thing came from. Then I had to wait another day for my mom to have her time on the computer.
  • But I read a lot of books in that time period. I was finally able to finish the A-List series. And only two years, four used buys, and three library trips after receiving the first in the series as a gift.
  • I was this close to telling my mom about my bisexuality. But something was holding me back. I was also this close to chucking an Oreo cookie Blizzard out the passenger window of my mom's car. Which I really wish I had done never mind the possible consequence of littering.
  • My high school registration took place today. I received my schedule and they took my picture. I think it's much better than the one I had last year. My schedule will probably make it's way on to my tumblr eventually.
  • Also at the registration, my halfsister Alicia was there. When I lost touch with my Dad, I also lost the communication I had with her and my other two halfsisters. Of course, I don't think we really had much of a connection in the first place. But she and I could still recognize each other so I don't believe either of us have changed in the looks department much. Though I do believe I've gotten, I should say, "prettier" the more comfortable I've gotten with myself.
  • Tuesday, I watched the first two episodes of this new ABCFamily show Melissa & Joey with, well Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence. I must admit, I started watching simply for the view-age of Melissa. But I think I'm staying on for the rest of the show. It helps that there's only a few episodes in and I'm already into shipping the two main characters.
  • Wednesday was the season finale of Hot in Cleveland. My God, this show is so damn funny. Betty White helps. And next season is going to have 20 episodes instead of the last one's 10.
I just wanted to try the bullet form this time 'round. Besides, there was a lot to talk about in my absence and I figured this was the best way to get it all in. Now that the computer is good, I can get back to that Scooby Doo marathon I had started a while back. I'm still on the second half of the The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo DVD set.

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Ok, this summer weather is just too much. One minute everything is normal and the next there is rain and wind and thunder and lightning. And I hate lightning. It freaks me out. Well, not so much the lightning but more the thought of getting struck by lighting. You know? Of course, I don't think my cats like it very much either. Just a moment ago Emma was running around and pawing at the carpet. Then again I should be expecting this stuff by now because she is in fact a Psycho Kitty.

I've been having a Scooby Doo marathon.
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Okay so I found a new band that I like. The groups called Anarbor. I've actually had my eye on them for a while but I've just gotten around to downloading their music. I've got two EP's and their debut album. I've been listening to the Free Your Mind EP more. Mostly because it has one of my favorite songs You and I.
My mom and I went to the wal-mart in Ephrata. They had Selena Gomez & The Scene's single Round & Round. It also had a pretty cool remix on there. Normally, I don't really enjoy remixes but this one was not half bad.

This weekend I think I'm also going to rewatch Jennifer's Body. I need my fix of Needy/Jennifer. I might icon the kis scene. Make that an I will. And The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is waiting in her Netflix slip. All while constantly refreshing the pary post in [ profile] demi_selena .

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