Jul. 19th, 2011

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 For the past few days, I've had trouble getting into a book long enough to want to finish reading it. Right now, I have four unfinished books to read. Three of them are library and due by the twenty-fifth. 

One of these is The Subtle Knife by Phillip Pullman. Like the problem I ran into with Super 8, the thing about this particular series of books is that they are in no doubt good but i find myself unable to get into it. For instance, when I read I can get sucked into a book and I won't want to stop reading. By the end of the book I can end up both mentally and physically exhausted. With the His Dark Materials I'm finding that it's hard for me to get this experience.

I mentioned Super 8, right? The movie was great. It deserves all the praise it get. Yet even being aware of all this I still found myself rather bored by it. The two movies I watched afterwards (Cars and Transformers 3) have been at the receiving end of some flak by critics and still I found them more entertaining than the critically acclaimed Steven Spielberg/J.J Abrams suspense movie.
I read The Golden Compass once in early middle school. I can't remember what point I stopped but eventually I had to give up. I picked it up later as part of Mark Reads and was able to both finish and enjoy it. If I come back to The Subtle Knife again in a year or so, I hope I can read it to the end but for now I think it'll have to go back on the library shelf.

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