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Dome dome dome dome dome dome dome dome fuck you.

Feel free to read that opening sentence in whatever beat you feel is appropriate.

You know what I really hate? Shows that introduce a character for a season and then proceed to kill them off by the end of the season. What's the point? It's a waste of my time getting interested in a character and it's a waste of the show's time in developing them. I especially hate it when these characters are women, persons of color, or both.

And I hate it even more when the characters they don't kill are ones that completely deserve to die.

This is why I left Supernatural (among other reasons) and this is why I completely skipped out on the Under the Dome finale. I pray to the networks this show gets canned because I don't want anyone to have to suffer through that crap anymore. Mike Vogel, your face is beautiful. May I find you soon on a better show.

And Junior? Double tap. Double. Freakin. Tap. Sit your ass down and watch Zombieland because those rules aren't just rules for the apocalypse they are rules for life.

But enough about that. Other things were on. Things like Gotham and Sleepy Hollow. And also Madame Secretary last night.

First off. Gotham? I liked it. It was a solid enough pilot, weak in some points and strong in others. There's much room for improvement which is the highest compliment I can give pilots. My favoritest part? Selina freakin Kyle because OF COURSE. This is a tumblr gifset I reblogged. Look at her. Isn't she adorable!?

And also Renee Montoya and the future Mrs. Gordon had a thing together? Sweet YES! Give me a bisexual character in anything and you have my love forever. I mean, as long as you don't try to pull that we don't wanna label things crap. (You were so, so close Arrow! Lucky for you, you earned my love in other ways.)

I'll probably be reblogging other things I like over at my tumblr.

Sleepy Hollow. My mother was confused by the opening. I was kind of able to put things together but I was still left a but confused until they cleared up the no we're still trapped in purgatory thing. They did have me worried a bit that they were going to kill off two major characters without warning but then, yay, they didn't. I mean, can you blame me for getting scared? I've been burned before. Scarred even.

I am a bit bummed I'm gonna have to sweep it off to the side for American Dad but AD was here first and it's only fair.

Madame Secretary was okay. I liked Tea Leoni's character. I think it's worthy of the three episode test and a check in along the way.

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