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 It's 10:38 on a Friday and I am already ready to go to bed. I consider this progress for myself.

Thanksgiving was spent at a Cousin's place. The gathering was rather small again. Thanksgiving doesn't have quite the family pull as it once did, especially now that most of family is spread out all across Washington State. I didn't eat much as I expected to. Though my appetite was rather ravenous in the days preceding thanks to dear old Mother Nature it had pretty much stalled by the time the Annual Day of Thanks made its arrival. I only ended up with a few scoopings of mashed potatoes and just some ham. I went home early because the good old anxiety started to kick in and I needed to get out.

After that, I finished watching Arc 3 of Ben 10 Omniverse. I was a little bored by the villain of choice throughout but I think by the end of the story line it managed to kick my interest. Now I just have to wait for Cartoon Network to finish airing the fourth arc so i can watch (in production order of course!)
When that was done I started my re-watching/catching up of Elementary. I finished episode 10 and will be continuing the rest of the weekend. After I finish that I just need to decide what I'm going to start next. I have a few options that I'll probably have a post about later.

The mom and I did a bit of Black Friday shopping. All regulated to pretty much DVD purchases since they usually end up the cheapest. As follows:
Arrow Season 1
Supernatural Season 7
Gossip Girl Season 1
Ice Age Continental Drift
Cinderella III A Twist in Time
Kill Bill 1 and 2
Dark Knight Rises

Well, now its almost eleven so I think I'll end the post now.

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