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I started my second semester of junior year last Monday. I'm in the same French and History class so I only have to deal with two class changes. So my schedule for the next three months is as follows: French 2, Forensics, AP US History, and Pre-Calculus.

My French class is going to go much better now that a third of the annoying students have been weeded out. Now class is rather small and way less headache inducing. I can actually see the white board now without having to deal with someone's head in my way. Forensics is filled with people I don't usually interact with but hopefully in a few weeks everything will have sorted itself out. APUSH is more or less the same. A few students have been switched around but I'm with mostly the same people as the semester before. It’s kinda weird with the people who have been traded in. I guess you don't really get how weird your class interactions can be until there’s someone from the outside looking in. Pre-Calc is fine but I have to shift gears a bit. After spending a whole three months in the land of Statistics, doing actual math equations is weird. I just need some time to re-adjust.

Everything would be great if it weren’t for two little problems:

1. Lunch. I switched from the A Lunch to C Lunch. The cafeteria is packed. By the time I get from my class in the 400 hallway to the lunchroom the lines are a mile long. I don't really mind the lines. They're annoying but I can deal. The big disaster is there is no one I am close with who I can sit down and have lunch with. When I had A Lunch I had my own little table with Halie, her friend Daisy, and one or two other people. Now, I have no one. This Friday, I got my lunch and the promptly went to the library to sit in solitude. I ate my lunch during passing time because there is no food allowed in the library. The bad thing is, someone I know actually offered to let me sit with her and her friends. I would love to but I'd just fill so weird plopping myself down there.

My second problem is more of an inconvenience in itself. My final period is in the portables and is a long distance from the bus loop. I have to haul ass to the other side of the school building and since my bus is one of the firsts to leave by the time I get there it is packed. I don't get to sit in my favorite seat anymore, I am pretty unlikely to manage to get to a place where I can sit alone, and I usually end up in the back where I just feel really uncomfortable.

On a slightly brighter note, I went to a study group today. It's my first time in a new group and it didn’t go so bad. I felt kind of awkward because I was the "new girl" in the group but by the end of the meeting I think I was okay.

Tomorrow, I'll be having more social interactions outside of school. We are having a late family Christmas. The kids that couldn't be there during Christmas time are opening presents. I decided this year to join in on every family gathering in an attempt to curb my anxiety issues. This is going to be the first one this year that I'm participating in and here's hoping it all goes well.

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