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 I, like, really need to talk about this show somewhere to someone. But since its summer and I don't know too many people who watch ABCFamily in real life, I have to go here. I seriously love this show and it didn't hit me until now exactly how much. This is really making me hate ABCFamily's way of splitting up seasons. Summer finales and waiting months for new episodes. I can't stand it.

First off, why was part of Daphne's nightmare Emmett and Bay making out? It would make more sense if Daphne and Emmett were actually together in that kind of way but they're not. So, why is that what scares Daphne into waking up? Is that her subconscious trying to tell her something?
Second: Emmett and Bay and Emmett's mom? I can kinda see where she's coming from with the whole death/hearing and speech therapy thing. Obviously, I don't know anything firsthand because I'm not death and I don't personally know anyone who is. But honestly, if Emmett really, truly wants to "speak" for Bay why not just let him? Let him at least try the speech therapy. I know if Bay really likes Emmett she wouldn't want him to change for her but personally, I could see it as a really romantic kind of gesture.
Third: Regina trying to get through to Bay. Telling her about the water fountain and how much she just wanted to take Bay home with her. And remembering all the details about the dress. And then when she tries to hug Bay and just blows her off I just really wanted to cry right then. Then the birthday scene where Bay tells her dad that she wants Regina here.
I'm really not sure how to feel about Regina's knowledge of the switch. I know it was wrong not to tell anyone but she did it out of desperation. She didn't know what would happen. And seriously, Mr. Kennish, listen to your freaking son. Sometimes you're just scared. And then telling Toby it wasn't the same. Oh, screw you it is totally the same.
And finally the big moment of the night: Seriously, Daphne, seriously! You had like eight years to realize your feelings and you do it NOW? Now, after Bay And Emmett just had the cutest moment possible with the billboard and the blindfold and the art? Why do you want to ruin these perfect moments you know nothing about? Why?
Bay/Emmett all the way over here!
 In other news, today I am going mini-golfing with a few friends I haven't seen in a while.
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